While technology has transformed the marketplace, the range of technology that purports to deliver solutions is dizzying.

Tinsley Retail Insights “separates the wheat from the chaff” to grow your business.

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Michelle Tinsley


     Technologist. Angel Investor. Board Member (of a $9B company). These are just a few of Michelle Tinsley’s “titles.” And Founder of Tinsley Retail Insights. After 26 years at Intel in technology, payments, finance, strategy, and sales capacities, Tinsley has built a reputation as a leader in retail digital transformation.  

     During her last six years at Intel, and following 14 years of IOT (Internet of Things) and embedded technology responsibilities, Tinsley focused on transforming retail workloads from traditional POS devices to Mobile. She created a $100M revenue stream within four years. As the Intel liaison to the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA), Tinsley led research on the impact of IOT on Payments, spoke at numerous conferences about IOT and security, and met with U.S. congressional delegates to help shape public policy on payments.   

     Tinsley serves on the Board of Directors of QuikTrip, a popular convenience store chain with 760 locations, and on the board of WNET, a non-profit dedicated to increasing the number of women in the payments industry.      

Support You Can Count On

"Michelle has a unique ability to start with the retailer's needs and understand the challenge and or use case goals in depth.  She then applies her knowledge of the technology landscape to bring a few solution options to mind.  Michelle has an extensive network of partners in the technology and payments industry, and is always adding to that as technology evolves."  
- Retail CIO (Confidential)

" In the last five years I have worked with Michelle to formulate our company strategy.  She has the ability to apply her domain experience in Retail, Payments and Technology to enable us to set a clear strategy.  She then helps us articulate how to get started on applying the strategy and set KPIs to measure the success of the strategy."

- Markus Appel, CEO of Aava Mobile O

"I have worked with Michelle for the last few years and appreciate her fresh perspective to product line management.  My company has used her as a sounding board to drive innovative products and bring customer focused solutions to market."

- Zia Hasnain, CEO of Innowi

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